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POTA Main New Spot

Current Time: 2018-11-17 17:52:12

UTC Activator Frequency Reference Spotter
17:47:30 W4GOG logo 14.330 K-3877 W8ZST logo
Loc: US-SC Comment:
17:38:21 W4TYB logo 14.304 K-0930 AC9LF logo
Loc: US-GA Comment: QRP station 42 in WI
17:27:33 W4TYP 14304 K-0930 K2FI logo
Loc: US-GA Comment: POTA K-0930 GA
17:10:52 KE0VH 14.274 K-2493 KE0OVH logo
Loc: US-MN Comment:

logo indicates a callsign registered with POTA